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Recipe: Thai Salad

Som Tam is traditionally made with thinly sliced, raw, green papaya.  However, as this ingredient is only available in specialist grocers we have replaced the papaya with sliced apples and carrots.


1 green eating apple
2 medium sized carrots
28g fine beans (blanched)
2 tbsp roasted peanuts
2 bird eye chillies
28g dried shrimp (optional)
14g palm sugar (or white sugar)
3 tbsp Mai Siam Fish Sauce
juice from 1 lime

Cooking Method

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Core and slice the apple and squeeze a little juice over.  Mix well and keep aside for later.

Place the garlic and chillies in a mortor and roughly pound them. Add the dried shimp and continue pounding until the shrimps break up into smaller pieces.

Remove pounded ingredients and place into a glass dish. Mix the palm sugar with the fish sauce and lime juice and add this to the pounded ingredients.

Next add the sliced apple, carrots, blanched fine beans and peanuts. Toss well and refrigerate until time to serve.