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Recipe: Roll-your-own Spring Rolls with the kids

This is a great recipe for keeping the little ones, and not-so-little ones busy and in the kitchen. You can prepare everything the day before and is a great idea if your little ones have friends round.


300g rice noodles, cooked and chilled
400g mixed vegetables, thinly sliced and put in separate bowls, such as red peppers, beansprouts, carrots, shredded Chinese leaf cabbage, spring onions
140g cooked prawns
100g cooked chicken, shredded
2 garlic cloves, finely chopped
small piece ginger, finely chopped
1 tsp Wing Yip light soy sauce
Chinese five-spice powder, for sprinkling
10 sheets of spring roll pastry
1 egg, beaten

For the dipping sauce
100g ketchup
1 tbsp rice vinegar
1 tsp fresh lime juice
pinch of caster sugar
1 tbsp crushed chilli flakes (depending on the age of your children)

Cooking Method

Serves 3

1. Heat oven to 200C/180C fan/gas 6. Before you let the children in the kitchen, lay all of the ingredients put separately in bowls with a separate large mixing bowl and spoon for each child. This way they can choose a little bit of what they want each and have individual spring rolls. Noodles, however, are essential for each spring roll mix. Give each child an apron and wash their hands before they begin. Once they have chosen their ingredients, add a bit of garlic and ginger, a tiny dash of soy and sprinkling of five-spice to each bowl and let them mix everything together.

2. Place a sheet of pastry in front of each child and ask them to spoon a sausage shaped size filling down one side of each sheet then give them the beaten egg and a brush so they can brush around the edges. Then help them to roll them up neatly by folding both sides over the filling, then rolling them up.

3. Lift the spring rolls onto a wire rack over a baking tray, seam side down, and brush with a little water. Try to remember which child made which roll to save any arguments at the end! Bake the rolls for 20-25 mins or until golden.

4. While the rolls are in the oven, make the dipping sauce. Get the children to mix all the ingredients together until the sugar has dissolved. Sprinkle the chilli flakes on top if using. When the spring rolls are golden and crisp, remove from the oven. Leave until cool enough to handle, cut into pieces for smaller children, then let them eat, dipping the rolls into the sauce.