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Recipe: Mee Goreng

Singapore Noodles, a popular dish in restaurants and takeaways has its origins in this dish which literally translated from the Malay means fried noodles. The original, with a combination of Chinese, Indian and Western ingredients uses lamb or mutton, but feel free to use any meat you wish. Serve with sliced cucumber and dark soya sauce.


228g minced lamb
228g thick yellow noodles or spaghetti is OK
1 jar Woh Hup Mee Goreng Paste
2 tbsp Wing Yip Light Soya Sauce
1 medium onion (sliced)
1 medium tomato (cut into 6 wedges)
2 green chillies (sliced)
1 large or 2 medium cooked potatoes (peeled and diced)
10-12 curry leaves
1/4 small cabbage (shredded)
1 medium potatoe (boiled)
57g bean sprouts
2 eggs
4 tbsp peanut or vegetable oil

Cooking Method

Serves 2

Heat oil in a wok and fry minced lamb and stir fry until lamb is cooked.

Then add sliced onions and stir fry for one minute, add Mee Goreng paste and curry leaves.

Sliced cabbage and noodles are added to the wok together with the light soya sauce.

Stir fry well and add diced potatoes, green chillies and tomatoes. Continue stir frying (add a little water if necessary) and season to taste.

At this stage you might need to transfer the noodles into a large bowl and proceed to the next stage by cooking the noodles in two batches.

Add bean sprouts and move noodles aside.  Add a splash of oil to the bottom of the wok.

Add eggs so that they come into contact with the bottom of the wok, allow to set and quickly stir fry into the noodles.