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Recipe: Thai Massaman Beef Curry

With Indian influences this beef and potato curry was probably introduced to Thailand by travellers.  The recipe traditionally contains peanuts, which peanuts can be omitted if required.  Chicken can be substituted but the result of tender, flavourful beef that falls apart at the touch of a fork,  is well worth the extra cooking time.  Cook extra and freeze


1kg beef (rump or topside) – thick slices 2cm x 3cm
2 tins (800ml) Mai Siam Coconut Milk
3 tbsp Mai Siam Massaman Paste
1/2 tsp Mai Siam Fish Sauce
30g palm sugar
3 tbsp raw peanuts (optional)
2 medium potatoes – cut into 4
10 -12 shallots

Cooking Method

Serves 6

Peel the shallots and singe in a hot, dry wok.  Remove and keep aside for later.

Heat 1 tin of coconut milk in a pan or wok until the coconut oil starts to separate from the milk.

Add 3 heaped tablespoons of paste (more for a stronger flavour) and mix the paste into the coconut milk to form a looser mixture.  A little water will help to loosen the mixture.

Then add half the beef and stir fry rapidly to seal.  Repeat with the remainder of the beef

When the beef is sealed, add the other tin of coconut milk, fish sauce and palm sugar and bring to the boil.

Lower heat and simmer (with the lid off) until the meat is tender, adding a little water if it dries out.

Add the peanuts, potatoes and shallots when the beef is nearly cooked.

At this stage water can be added, if necessary, to make up the consistency of a thick gravy.

Serve with jasmine rice.