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Recipe: Japanese Gyoza

Small part pan-fried, part steamed these little dumplings are sometimes known as gyoza. This is a family favourite and it is served with two dipping sauces - a chilli sauce and light soya sauce. You will need a flat skillet or frying pan with a tight fitting lid.


284g minced pork
454g plain flour
1/2 Chinese leaf cabbage
1/2 small white cabbage or sweetheart cabbage
4 spring onions; pepper
peanut or vegetable oil

Dipping Sauces
Wing Yip Light Soya Sauce
Wing Yip Chilli Garlic Sauce

Cooking Method

Serves 4

Chop up cabbage as finely as possible and finely slice the spring onions.

In a large bowl season minced pork with pepper (no salt at this stage) and mix in the chopped cabbage and spring onions. You might have to mix with your fingers to ensure an even mix.

Mix 2 teaspoons flour with enough water to make a smooth paste.

Sift plain flour into a bowl and add enough warm water to make soft dough. Leave to stand for 10 minutes before use.

Roll out pastry thinly on a floured surface and cut out 7-8cm rounds.

Place a teaspoon of mixture into the centre of the pastry.

Brush the edge of half the pastry round with flour mixture. press two halves tightly together and seal well. Flatten the bottom of the dumpling so that it sits flat.

Place prepared dumpling on a floured tray and covered with a clean tea towel.

Make up half the dumplings and enlist the help of another person to continue filling the dumplings while you starting cooking.

Heat a teaspoon of oil in a non stick, frying pan or skillet and when the oil is hot, place the dumpling in the pan to brown.

When the bottom of the dumpling is brown, splash about 1-2 tablespoons of water into the pan and quickly cover with a tight fitting lid. The dumpling will then cook in the steam created.

The dumplings should take about 3 minutes to cook.

Remove from the pan, keep warm, and start cooking another batch.

Serve with the 2 dipping sauces.