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Recipe: Coconut Milk Agar Pudding

Agar agar is a quick gelling agent, made from seaweed and suitable for vegetarians and vegans. When cold the jelly is firm to the touch and can be handled. In this South East Asian recipe I have combined agar with coconut milk and palm sugar but do use gular melaka if available.


1 cup(15g) loosely packed agar agar strips(soaked in cold water) or 1 heaped tsp dry agar powder
350ml water
85ml thick palm sugar (142g sugar boiled in 100ml water and strained) or 2 tbsp brown sugar or 85ml gular melaka
200ml Mai Siam Coconut Milk(half tin)
quarter tsp salt

Cooking Method

Serves 4

Put agar in a pan with water and boil slowly until agar is dissolved, if using powder, sprinkle over water.

Add liquid palm sugar and salt.

Bring mixture to the boil, then add coconut milk.

Reduce heat and keep stirring until mixture starts to boil.

Pour through a strainer into a square dish and allow to cool.

When cool, the jelly can be cut into squares.

Remember to keep this jelly refrigerated.