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Business Centres

Across all of our sites we have Wing Yip Business Centres which are focused on providing a wide range of specialist services to the Chinese and non-Chinese communities alike. From excellent Chinese and Oriental restaurants; to bakers, beauticians and travel operators, as well as a host of professional services including healthcare, legal, accountancy and finance with banks such as HSBC and Bank of East Asia.

All restaurants and other businesses are operated independently of Wing Yip and are run by the tenants themselves, any enquiries regarding the restaurants should be made directly to them.

Location Details of our Business Centres are shown below.

Birmingham Business Centre

Home to a wide range of Chinese businesses and providers, as well as the Bank of East Asia.

Manchester Business Centre

Redeveloped in 2003, the Manchester Business Centre plays host to several businesses and a Chinese restaurant.

Croydon Business Centre

The Croydon Business Centre boasts its own Chinese shopping mall, as well as a Vietnamese and Japanese restaurant.


Cricklewood Business Centre and China House

The state of the art office building at China House is home to a range of businesses located across its four floors.

The Business Centre is also home to Chinese restaurant and a Chinese bakery.

Available Units

If you would like to be a tenant at any of our Business Centres please get in touch with property@wingyip.com

Business CentreDescriptionSizeReference
BirminghamUnit 6 Ground Floor700 sq ft / 77 sq m approx. 100140/0060
China House, Cricklewood Unit 1 Lower Ground Floor 5555 sq ft / 516 sq m approx. 100220/0010
China House, Cricklewood Unit 2 Ground Floor 4736 sq ft / 440 sq m approx. 100220/0020
Cricklewood Unit 10 First Floor 698 sq ft / 65 sq m approx. 100210/0080
Cricklewood Unit 12 First Floor 632 sq ft / 59 sq m approx. 100210/0100
Cricklewood Unit 15 First Floor 710 sq ft / 66 sq m approx. 100210/0120
CroydonUnit 15 First Floor 1230 sq ft / 114 sq m approx 100300/0160
Manchester Unit 2A Second Floor 504 sq ft / 47 sq m approx. 100400/0040
Manchester Units 2B-2D (can be separated)1469 sq ft / 136 sq m approx. 100400/0050
Manchester Unit 3C Third Floor742 sq ft / 69 sq m approx. 100400/0090
Manchester Unit 3D Third Floor705 sq ft / 65 sq m approx. 100400/0100
Manchester Unit 3E Third Floor911 sq ft / 84 sq m approx. 100400/0110