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The Metro’s Mooncake Mishap

Sep 11 2014

The Metro’s Mooncake Mishap

Sitting with his coffee and Metro earlier this morning, Mr Wing Yip acutely pointed out a rather clumsy mishap on page nine of the national paper. The journalist in question describes mooncakes as ‘mini carrot cakes’ in a story about a group of Apple screen-makers who went on a 4-hour strike and proclaimed ‘no cake, no iPhone 6’ due to not receiving some mooncakes they were promised.

Whilst they quite rightly stated that mooncakes are served to mark China’s Mid-Autumn Festival (caps please Metro!), mooncakes are most certainly not mini carrot cakes. In fact they are round pastries usually filled with thick red bean or lotus seed paste.

One thing’s for sure, we can’t blame the workers for wanting their mooncakes. Get yours at our Cricklewood, Manchester or Birmingham superstore.

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