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Wishing you a happy Christmas and a healthy New Year!

Jan 13 2014

New Year Detox

After consuming plenty of indulgent treats over the festive season, it might be time to start considering a healthy eating plan to kick start the New Year. By making a few simple switches and considerations on a daily basis, it’s easier than you think to develop a healthier lifestyle whilst still enjoying delicious Oriental foods.

Top tips:

- Wake yourself up every day with a system cleansing drink of fresh lemon and hot water
- Drink plenty of fluids throughout the day, particularly Chinese teas and water which will help to maintain hydration levels and will keep you alert and focused on those all important resolutions
- Try to consume fresh vegetables with all meals and snack on fruits that are low in sugar
- Use plenty of herbs and spices to add natural taste and health benefits to dishes


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  Thank you for the advise and lovely shopping experience as well as flavoursome and varied dishes eaten in your restaurant. Quite enjoy the cakes and buns in the bakery too.
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