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It's Tea Time

Sep 15 2015

This autumn try breaking your hot drink habits with something a little different. Swap one or two cups of your usual black tea or coffee each day for one of China’s favourites, and see how the added health benefits make you feel!

Chrysanthemum tea – made from dried chrysanthemum flowers, this tea has a distinct and acquired floral taste. Many believe that it is full of cooling properties so is good to aid head colds, and has a calming effect too.

Green tea – used for centuries in traditional Chinese medicine to treat everything from headaches to diseases, green tea is known for being rich in antioxidants. Nowadays you can find it mixed with a whole range of different flavours, so if you struggle with the bitter taste of regular green tea, try a combination.

Jasmine tea – arguably the most famous scented tea in China, Jasmine is highly sweet and fragrant. It’s thought that jasmine is anti-ageing and fights bacteria.

Oolong tea – a semi-fermented tea with a unique taste, halfway between a black and green tea. It has similar benefits to green, and in a number of studies has been found to lower cholesterol.

You’ll find a whole selection of teas in our superstores and online.

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