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Make Chinese New Year 2015 a lucky one

Feb 05 2015

 Chinese New Year celebrations are the most important of the year and last for up to fifteen days. Celebrations and traditions may vary across the world but the wishes for the Chinese tend to be the same; they want their family and friends to be healthy and lucky in the forthcoming year.  

Top ten ways to prepare for 365 days of good health and prosperity

1. Clean
To clean your house in the run up to the New Year is a very old custom dating back thousands of years. According to tradition, cleaning your house will help 'sweep' away any bad luck from the past year and makes way for good luck to enter. 
 2. Decorate
Red decorations symbolise good luck at Chinese celebrations so fill your house with red streamers, lanterns and balloons. For extra luck, arrange them in groups of eight.
 3. Reunite
The New Year Feast is "a must do" banquet and very family orientated. It reflects how Chinese society values the importance of family. Get your invites out early to family members and make sure it's a traditional and celebratory feast.
 4. Experiment
Choose dishes you've never tried before and create your very own Chinese feast at home with the help of Wing Yip's recipe library. For inspiration, visit .
 5. Greet
Prepare a tray of togetherness for when your guests arrive. They tray should be a platter which can be divided into eight compartments (eight is a traditionally symbolic lucky number). Fill the compartments with lucky snacks such as preserved kumquats for prosperity, coconut for togetherness, longans to bring many sons and red melon seeds for happiness.
 6. Get Lucky
Choose traditional foods that will bring your guests good luck for the coming year. buy long noodles and keep them as long as possible when cooking as they symbolise long life. Serve fish with the head and tail intact as this ensures a good start and finish to the year and keeps bad luck at bay. Serving desserts is thought to bring a sweet life in the New Year.
 7. Share
Share the luck with your family and friends. It's common to greet guests with red envelopes containing money or to hide symbols of good luck for guests to find - peanuts are a popular choice as they are thought to bring long life.
 8. Celebrate
Why not make your party go with a bang by setting off some firecrackers. They are said to scare bad spirits away.
 9. Wear
It's considered lucky to buy new clothes to wear for New Year. Make red and gold the new black as they are believed to be the luckiest colours.
 10. Happy New Year
Meet and greet relatives with New Year congratulations and bows, wishing each other good lucky, prosperity and happiness for the New Year.


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