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Watch this space for details of our next demo!


Watch this space for details of our next demo!


Sat/Sun 27th/28th: Join us as we will be cooking up Cold Noodles with LKK Sauce for Dumplings and Chilli Oil with Shrimp and Black Beans - delicious! Plus the ingredients for this dish will be on special offer of buy one get one free!


Sat/Sun 27th/28th:  We will be cooking up a Cold Noodle dish with Lkk Sauce for Dumplings and Chilli Oil with Shrimp and Black beans.  Plus these ingredients are buy one get one free this weekend!  Also as it is the Dragon Boat Festival this weekend when you spend over £10 on Hong's Rice Puddings get A FREE Dragon Boat Gift Basket!  Don't miss this offer!


Visit our on-line store and see our large selection of authentic ingredients, Gift Hampers, kitchen accessories, tableware and lots more!  Gift vouchers are also available.

Business CentreSorted By Business Centre In Ascending OrderDescriptionSizeReference
BirminghamUnit 6 Ground Floor700 sq ft / 77 sq m approx.100140/0060
China House, Cricklewood

Unit 1 Lower Ground Floor

5555 sq ft / 516 sq m approx.100220/0010
China House, Cricklewood

Unit 2 Ground Floor

4736 sq ft / 440 sq m approx.100220/0020

Unit 10 First Floor

698 sq ft / 65 sq m approx.100210/0080

Unit 12 First Floor

632 sq ft / 59 sq m approx.100210/0100

Unit 15 First Floor

710 sq ft / 66 sq m approx.100210/0120

Unit 15 First Floor

1230 sq ft / 114 sq m approx100300/0160

Unit 2A Second Floor

504 sq ft / 47 sq m approx.100400/0040

Units 2B-2D

(can be separated)

1469 sq ft / 136 sq m approx.100400/0050

Unit 3C Third Floor

742 sq ft / 69 sq m approx.100400/0090

Unit 3D Third Floor

705 sq ft / 65 sq m approx.100400/0100

Unit 3E Third Floor

911 sq ft / 84 sq m approx.100400/0110
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